Beware: DIY enthusiast!

DIY4For some of us DIY is a hobby; for some – a way to save money; and for rare people – it’s almost a form of meditation (I’ve seen those 🙂

I any case once in a while even the most talented and experienced DIYers face a disaster. Here are some common pitfalls.


Prevention/Remedy tips


Drilling through a pipe or a cable Get pipes and   electrical cables detector, use common sense to know where you are drilling   and just in case switch the power off.
Spilling paint whilst decorating  Make sure you   set up properly:  cover all your   valuable surfaces; be mindful where the paint is, and careful when you care   it around. Close the lead tightly. Keep pets and children away 🙂
Flat pack furniture collapse Follow the   instruction. If it still collapsed you might be covered by a manufacturer or   home insurance.
Digging through pipes and cables  Obtain and   update with changes site plans to ensure you don’t end up fixing piping or   cabling instead of planting a tree.
Injuries: falls, cuts, other personal injury Read user   manual for tools and equipment. Wear protective gear. Understand you   risk/benefit from doing the job yourself. Have a comprehensive medical   insurance.
Poor workmanship Set up   properly, for example, have the right tools, measurements and materials.   Learn all the steps of a job. Do them properly or ask a friend with   experience to help. Schedule a job properly to allow enough time to complete   the job and not live it half finished and watch your effort decay.Remember that   a sticking brick can end up in an injury and associated liability case.
Causing home emergency: damaged utilities  Don’t tackle   what is beyond your capabilities. Some home insurers might cover you for an   emergency callout.
Illegal construction Make sure you   obtain all necessary permits before you invest into remodelling and adding to   your home.

Remember certain jobs are not subject to DIY by Law. Be sure to check the legislation when you embark on any of these jobs:

  • Plumbing repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Asbestos removal
  • Roofing repairs
  • Gas appliance repairs

Good Luck!


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