Small spaces – big ideas

Small spaces present a challenge of balancing practical needs and aesthetics.  Here are some elegant solution and tips how to make the most of a limited bathroom space.

Befriend light.

  1. Increase the amount of day light;
  2. Increase the amount of reflected light;
  3. Use transparent and floating materials not to obstruct light.

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Paint it white. White is often used as colour to visually unclutter, expand the space. There are few rules to remember with this colour.

  1. Use warm colours of wood or accessories or even vintage elements to avoid institutional veer
  2. Use warm whites in a limited colour paletes to avoid austere feel.
  3. Use textured and patterned white materials to add richness to an interior.
  4. Use pure whites if your bathroom has unusual architectural elements or outstanding views to emphasise its uniqueness.

whtbathroom view white

Secret places. Niches, shelves and mirror cabinets, are the most common ways to address space storage needs in a small bathroom. To this I would add use of corner space, kitchen inspired storage, and creative storage details like toilet paper grid below. Pocket doors are also a great solution for small spaces.

71b0d2173dbc06c9fec144e1cbada218 tp grid smlbthrm storage e1c3f44ab784bdf95b1d4fa79260c594 doors sealant

Connect. Connect bathroom with the rest of living space through continuous use of the same colours or materials.


ImageSimple truths. Clean lines, simple shapes and clear accents make small space sufficient and harmonious with our needs.

ImageClose to heart. Clean-lined minimalist look visually exposes and expands the space. But why not embrace its boundaries and create intimate and personalised space?

Water under the bridge. Small spaces mean close approximate of all elements to water. Therefore good drainage, sealants and water resistant/absorbent materials are important if you would like to save on future maintenance.

30c683eb2aaeb231c6164071ea1bc0b3 Remember, any obstacle is an opportunity for creativity to manifest itself.

Good luck!


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