New bronze age

ImageIt seems there is nothing common between for example wood and metal. Yet metal details work magic in interior design.

Take wood & metal. Wood is warm, porous, matte, absorbing and breathing. Metal, on the hand, is cold, smooth, glossy, reflective and still. The combination of these materials with antonymous qualities creates surprisingly calm and harmonious environment which is neither boring nor screaming.

Incorporating brass elements into grey dominant interior fills the space with balanced atmosphere of sophistication without snobbism, industrial structure with nostalgic edge.

Metal brings grounded structure to an interior which is pleasant for both men and women. For kids it offers a great mixture of textures, creating focused environment where they can absorb new knowledge and experiences.

Absorbent & reflective.





Matte &  glossy.




Textured and smooth.






Clear accents.








Don’t overdo it!